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If you want to start exercising to get better muscles, increase your strength, or just feel healthier, Freeletics offers thousands of different workouts to fit your needs.

Made up of a community of thousands of athletes who share their daily progress with other users, you can follow their routines to get as fit as they are. Freeletics will likely become your ultimate fitness app, complete with video tutorials so you can get a better idea of each exercise.

With thousands of exercise varieties to add to your workout schedule, it also helps you keep track of your everyday activity level and evaluates your weekly progress as you use Freeletics.

Repeat each exercise up to 2,000 times, and if you can complete that many reps, your profile will show you made it to the top tier of people who completed that exercise. If you want to improve your fitness with the best trainers, follow the trainers on Freeletics and use it to make a custom plan according to your needs, achieving real results for even your most demanding fitness goals.
By Erika Okumura
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